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Our Services

United Strategies & Consulting, located in Southern Oregon, is a government affairs consultancy dedicated to providing comprehensive lobbying, advocacy, and public relations services to businesses, non-profit organizations, and individuals. Our team leverages our deep understanding of the local political landscape, strong relationships with key policymakers, and strategic communication skills to deliver impactful results for our clients.


We have spent decades building relationships with key policymakers. We work with elected leaders and other officials at the local, state and federal level to support our clients


Our team has a unique background in problems solving that can bring value to your organization. We work confidentially to protect our client's interests and provide tactics on how to approach challenging problems in a way that provides a path forward.


We utilize our network to build strong, long-term relationships with the community's top political, civic and business leaders, as well as other community influencers on behalf of our clients.  These relationships and connections provide our clients with the influence they need to build stronger community ties and help them reach their goals.


We will work with you and your team so that you can protect your organization by avoiding crisis, mitigating it when it occurs and recovering from it in a way that protects your bottom line.  We teach organizations how to transform challenges into strengths.


Whether advocating for a particular bill, amendment, or policy change, we develop comprehensive issue campaigns that combine grassroots mobilization, media outreach, and targeted lobbying efforts to drive momentum and support.


Our team comprises seasoned professionals with a deep understanding of the legislative process, regulations, and policy landscapes. We stay abreast of evolving issues, enabling us to provide informed insights and strategic counsel.


Our team experts can assist with everything from public relations and crisis management to social media strategy and creation. With our tailored approach we can help  your business develop and execute targeted communication strategies to raise awareness, build coalitions, and drive public support for clients' causes.


Every client and issue are unique. We offer tailored solutions, adapting our lobbying strategies to align with the specific goals, challenges, and nuances of each client's situation.

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